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Violating faith by Indira Gandhi

Another attack to abolish Sikh culture by ZEE TV…..

"There are three types of persons in this world:
Those, who confess their own faults and mention the excellence of others, are the highest type;
Those, who highlight their own excellence and decry the faults of others, are worse;
Those, who parade their own faults as excellence and deride the excellence in others as faults, are the worst. The last type is nowadays most rampant."

Indira Gandhi was one of this last type and now our Govt of India represents this category.
The cost of freedom is always high and one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

The last steps of Indira Gandhi
Diabolic Political Plan to kill Sikhs ( 1984)


-Although her death helped avert a complete genocide of the Sikhs, the framework for the attack had already been made and the lists of Sikhs and their businesses in Delhi had already been made. These lists were handed out to the rioters, exactly which shops to burn, which places to loot, and which homes to destroy. [source: "Who are the Guilty?"]
Indira Gandhi, in her war against the Sikhs, was not satisfied with the result of Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army's attack on the Akal Takhat with battle tanks, mountain guns and helicopter gunships, although more than 5,000 innocent Sikh men, women and children perished in the operation. A direct descendant of Ganga Dhar Kaul, alias Gangu Brahmin, a cook employed in the household of Guru Gobind Singh, her vendetta against the Sikhs was due to what her grandfather, Motilal Nehru, had told to her father Jawaharlal Nehru. Motilal had justified the action of Gangu Brahmin in betraying Guru Gobind Singh's mother and his two young sons to the Mughals because, in his opinion, Guru Gobind Singh's creation of the Khalsa constituted a direct threat to Brahmanism.
Family tree of Nehru family  

Nehru family history;
Indira Gandhi had her Gangu-Brahmin ancestry confirmed by reference to family records maintained by Pandits at the Mattan Shrine in the Kashmir Valley and the confirmation firmed her resolve to carry on her war against the Sikhs. Not satisfied with the result of Operation Blue Star, she planned another nefarious operation, on a much larger scale, codenamed Operation Shanti. According to Dr. Sangat Singh, the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 pre-empted Indira's Operation Shanti all over India by a week.

"The Delhi violence was well planned and well organised. It would have burst forth even if Indira Gandhi had been alive" ~ Economic and Political Weekly. 8th December 1984

"We shall kill all these Sikh bastards"
~ Indian police official quoted in The Guardian. 6th December 1986
For the details of Operation Shanti we are indebted to Dr. Sangat Singh for exposing Indira Gandhi's venomous plan to wipe out all the Sikhs from the face of India. Dr. Sangat Singh in his new book entitled, "The Sikhs in History" writes at page 415:

Indira drew a diabolical plan, named 'Operation Shanti', to carry out a general massacre of the Sikhs, of genocidal proportions, around November 8, when the Sikhs would assemble in various Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak's birthday celebrations.

Please read it at related link (Para-5 at bottom of right column in picture),to genocide of Sikhs in 1984 at this website…

“Read this paragraph in Enlarge view”
In October 1984, there was a massive deployment of army at the border and war with Pakistan looked imminent. There was a rumor that the Center had conceived a genocidal intention towards the Sikhs ----- the plan was like this: large scale clashes would be raised all along the Punjab border with Pakistan; it would be publicized that the Sikhs had revolted and joined hands with the Pak forces, and then they would be slaughtered and bombed by the Indian army and subjected to loot and massacre all over India.

The Sikhs all over Punjab, especially in Gurdaspur, Amritsar, Ferozepur, Kapurthala and Jalandhar districts were to be subjected to massive aerial bombardment, apart from being slaughtered by army and para military forces. The Sikhs all over India were to be subjected to mass scale massacre, loot, arson and incendiarism by lumpen elements organized by Youth Congress(I) activists. Elaborate preparations were made by Youth Congress (I) network all over India; they were to await a coded signal to start mayhem.
The plan was discussed with certain army generals who advised Indira against it. They pointed out that Nazis had used gas chambers to finish off the Jews, but had not been able to do so. And, her plan to finish off the Sikhs in one go would only club her name with that of Hitler. But she was unrelenting.

Indira was not receptive. In view of her nefarious Sikh genocidal plan, she paid a sudden visit to Kashmir on October 27, when, however, she got the omen of her imminent death. Back in New Delhi, the following day, Nevertheless, one cannot lightly dismiss what P.C. Alexander, the principal secretary of Indira Gandhi, has written in ‘My Years with Indira Gandhi’. According to him,"she sent for Gen. Vaidya and asked him in my presence about the preparedness of the Indian army in J & K to meet any unexpected outbreak of trouble. General Vaidya assured her that the army was very well prepared for any eventuality and there was no danger of it being taken unaware by the Pakistanis.

After General Vaidya left, she asked me to remain in close contact with Vice-President Venktaraman and apprise him of her concern at the recent developments in Punjab and Kashmir. (Significantly the Sikh President was to be kept out). She said that it would be helpful to keep him fully informed of all the developments and get his views on them. I do not know what prompted her to give me these instructions at that time………”

Indira wanted to involve Vice President from that very stage, as he was to be the acting President once Operation Shanti was operative, and the inconvenient Zail Singh was bumped off.

How much substance was there in this rumor cannot be stated for sure, but as subsequent events have shown, there was certainly more to it than meets the eye. It is a pointed to the genocidal intention of a despot in a hurry

Significantly, Zia ul Haq stated at Indira's funeral that it was with great difficulty that he had been able to avert a war with India.

His then No. 2, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, after demitting the office of President of Pakistan in July 1993, stated
that Indira had planned to attack Pakistan but was shot dead some ten days before the D-Day.

The omen of her imminent death weighed on Indira for the rest of her four days of life. That was uppermost in her mind when she spoke of her violent death at the public meeting at Bhubaneshwar on October 29. Later, in the evening, she broached the subject with Orissa Governor, B. N. Pandey, at the dinner table. The thought lingered on, as she returned to Delhi on October 30 night. But unlike Aurangzeb who was remorseful at the "burden of sin" he was carrying, Indira, not being religious, was unrelenting.

Beant Singh, Sub-Inspector in Indira's security, got the outlines of Indira's Sikh-genocidal plan from R. K. Dhawan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister, and decided to act to thwart it. He commissioned Satwant Singh to assist him.

On October 31, 1984, at 9.00 a.m. Beant Singh with his service revolver shot Indira in the abdomen five times. In less than a minute, at his call, Satwant Singh emptied his automatic carbine in Indira's abdomen region. Actually, one bullet in the head would have been sufficient. But abdomen was chosen because, firstly, they had been assured that she would not be wearing her bulletproof jacket, and secondly, they did not want to hurt anyone else, which a shot at her head might have entailed.

Beant Singh had cautioned Satwant Singh to ensure that his friend Dhawan was not hurt in the melee. Since that day, i had a question in my mind, why no one else got any bullet injury as Indira was walking with five other people including Dhawan? Dhawan is the person who knows more than the truth revealed so far.

After shooting Indira, both threw down their weapons and Beant Singh said, "I have done what I had to do. You do what you want to do"'

Martyrs Beant Singh & Satwant Singh

When they had emptied their firearms and surrendered, they were taken to the santry post at 1 Akbar Road, but why they were shot? Whether to abolish all clues of involvement of others so that the secret behind this murder remain a secret always?

This plan looks like with far greater proportions eventually eliminating Sikhs from India. This is true democracy and Truth speak for itself just imagine if this plan would have been carried after traumatic year of 1984 same thing is planned here attack Sikhs on day Gurpurab same thing in Bluestar. Wow! What a great Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was?

Indira would have been branded the most genocidal figure the day humanity began, Operation Shanti shows even Hitler would be ashamed of itself. No wonder Sikhs are sleeping and now wonder how many more genocidal programs are planned against Sikhs.

If she would have not been assassinated, Sikhs would have annihilated from this world.

By reading this article one should realize that "Sikhs sailing on ship where it can sunk at any time" Levelling Bhinderwale a terrorist, I don't know what Indira would have been called in "Operation Shanti".
All information is taken from NET so the writer has just pasted to inform the Sikhs throughout the world and warn them on of insecurity in India to Sikhs. Sikhs may be massacred again and the Pakistan be blamed due to old rivalry.
Sikhs - Please be cautious.
Due to this episode or Drama of 1984 Sikh genocide and the one which was to be staged on a large scale after one week of the death of the shrewd politician Indira Gandhi, had she been alive. I fear there may not be another massacre of Sikhs in future by govt of India. So to avoid that i suggest the govt of India and my Sikh brothers that there must be one Sikh representative in the peace talks in between India and Pakistan.
British were discussing to divide India and there were three parties and the division of India was to be done on basis of religions. All the three clamant Hindu, Sikhs and Muslim wanted a separate nation of their own. Muslims demanded Pakistan and got it but on the request and assurances of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru that the Sikhs shall enjoy full freedom and a state shall be given to them to enjoy freedom and to practice their religion without any interference.
Sikhs agreed to this and opted to join India instead of an independent nation but ….
the Congress started betraying with Sikhs soon after independence. First the Sikhs were declared the Criminals in Oct. 1947 and then deliberately declared as part of Hindu religion in Indian constitution which is never accepted by Sikhs due to clause 25(b).
My assumptions;
Whereas my assumptions reveal, i totally agree with this report because there were no computers in India in general in 1984. The miscreants were provided the copies of addresses of residences, business establishment etc of Sikhs. It has been revealed several times. If the govt. of India issues a circular confidentially to prepare the list of Sikh business establishment and their residences over night, no official can get them prepared, then to copy in thousands and send it to the high ups to distribute within a few hrs or over night-impossible.
So how could these lists be prepared, copied and then sent to congress offices, Municipal Counsellor, MPs, MLAs etc? By having the facility of computer, it is even not possible to carry out this work confidentially as the news shall spread from one person to others. There are thousands of Sikhs male/female deployed in govt offices.
These preparations were going on for a long time after the operation Blue star because since than Indira had realized her mistake to attack on Golden temple and was in fear. That's why she instructed her son Rajiv gandhi and gave directions to take avenge from Sikhs if she gets killed but when we see her dirty plan to kill the Sikhs and to defame them by attacking Pakistan and bombarding the border districts to kill the innocents and then to defame the whole Sikh community as traitor, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh, rightly killed her. Thus he, not only saved thousands of innocent lives but did not allow Indira to put a blackspot of treachery on the forehead of Sikhs.
Kihar Singh was innocent. He was falsely hanged by the wrong verdict of the Supreme Court of India. he was charged of conspiracy and to baptize Beant Singh into Sikhism by Amrit ritual at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. If this is the offense to get baptized through Amrit ritual, we all Sikhs are guilty of that offense. Hang us all.
It clearly indicates that to carry out any dream plan to kill Sikhs and then to blamePakistan, (Operation Shanti) was accepted by Mrs. Gandhi. She also kept on instructing Rajiv Gandhi about her death and the steps to be taken after her death. (Indira knew she would be killed-Sonia)

R K Dhawan, who is Punjabi and an advisor to Indira Gandhi, (as i assume) certainly would have taken Beant Singh in confidence and leaked this plan to him. That's why in a hurry, Beant Singh planned to kill Indira to save Punjab
and Sikhs, just one week before the expected attack. He ensured that when killing Indira, no bullet should harm Dhawan. Why? Because Beant singh was obliged to him?
These are only assumptions, i don't have any concrete evidence to prove it, but to know the moves of your enemy, you have to assume all possibilities.

Thus no doubt is left that there was secret plan to kill Sikhs in 1984 on birth day of Guru Nanak Dev ji on 8th November 84.

We Sikhs have no faith on Indian govt which can betray and try to eliminate Sikhs again, so the Sikh community should take preventive steps to safeguard the future of their religion and of coming generations. The intellects and learned people with politicians should apprehend and take appropriate steps.

Sikhs can be made scape goat in the tussel of these two rivals. Pakistan is not our rival as our Makka - the birth place of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion, is in Nankana Sahib, Distt. Shekhupura, Pakistan.

Sikh sangtan da daas.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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  1. SAt Sri Akal Ji.
    Please do tell where I can find full family history of Nehru, generation by generation.
    I need hard core proof.I know the stories and third party heard this and that. I am dying to get a real connection.
    J Singh

  2. SAt Sri Akal Ji.
    Please do tell where I can find full family history of Nehru, generation by generation.
    I need hard core proof.I know the stories and third party heard this and that. I am dying to get a real connection.
    J Singh

  3. To read the FAMILY HISTORY OF NEHRU'S, Please visit:-


  4. Everytime she will be reborn as a bitch...and will be left on NEW DELHI STREETS after sterilization. (WITH DUE APOLOGIES to even such a bitch)
    Sardar Satwant singh Ji te Sardar Beyant singh Ji's martydom day should be commemorated at large scale.

  5. Thank you for showing the world the truth, they were just puppets of the people who wanted to rule the world.

    Our Indian Government is just a puppet government of the British East India company which was owned by German Jew Rothschild who are the original puppet masters and control India with puppet Government.

    They will be punished for their crimes for sure!